Why People Love Open Mic

why-people-love-open-micOne of the great things about open mic shoes is that you never quite know who is going to perform and what they are going to do on the night. This can be much more exciting than simply going to see a band where they go through the same regular list of songs. Even if the band is performing their own songs, there is a chance that you will have heard those songs before.

Open mic shows generally include a good mixture of different types of performers. In addition to live music you are likely to hear poetry, singing, storytelling and even comedy. This helps to add to the general vibe of the show, as the audience is excited to find out who will perform next and what they will choose to do.

Open mic shoes are also a good opportunity for more seasoned performers to try out new material. If you are lucky, the other performers may be joined on stage by a famous or semi famous name who wants to brush up on their performing skills and gain the attention of a whole new audience.

Attending an open mic performance is also a great way to meet other performers and discuss performing styles and other topics. Most performers at open mic shows tend to be approachable and are always open to receiving praise. Even people who attend an open mic performance alone are sure to find that they have made lots of new friends by the end of the night and because the open mic scene is generally quite small, they are likely to see their new friends at other shows that they attend in the same area. This is also a great way to do a little networking and even form collaborations that could be very useful in the future.

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