What to Expect at Open Mic

what-to-expect-at-open-micOpen mic performances are very different from regular performances as they feature a large number of different performers in a single show. These open mic shows typically last for an hour and a half or two hours, although if a lot of people have signed up to perform they could last for quite a bit longer.

Each performer either signs up in advance or on the night itself and there are usually limited spots available. This means that in big cities or other areas where there are a lot of budding performers, anyone who wishes to take part needs to arrive before the start of the show to secure their spot. Each performance typically lasts for five minutes and performers are usually given a strict time limit to make sure that everyone who wishes to perform during the show can be accommodated.

There is usually a break in the middle of the open mic show so that people can get a fresh drink, visit the bathroom and generally unwind for a while. This is a good time to meet some of the performers and give them feedback on their performance. It is also worth sticking around for a while after the open mic show has come to a close. The pub or other type of venue that is hosting the show is sure to remain open for at least an hour and this is a good time to hang out with the performers.

The main thing to expect at an Open Mic show is the unexpected. Performers come in all styles, from a large number of different countries and can be of virtually any age. While most performers tend to present poetry, comedy or live music in English, performances in just about any language are usually welcome and just about anything goes. This is a great time to experience something truly different and have a fantastic night out with family and friends.

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