The Role of the Host

host-who-introduces-each-and-every-performerEvery open mic show comes complete with a host who introduces each and every performer and usually provides some sort of performance of their own. This performance will usually vary depending on the type of open mic show that they are hosting as well as the mood of the audience on the night. The host also has a number of other roles that help to lead to the success of an open mic show.

The host is the person that would be performers contact in order to secure their spot in the show. They are expected to provide the host with a little bit of information about themselves such as their name and what they will be performing. The host of the open mic show usually tries to arrange the lineup of the performers so that there is a good balance between poetry, comedy, music and other types of performances.

When the host introduces each performer they will often reveal what style the performance will be. If the performer is already known to them, they may add a few extra details or make up a few details to help make the introduction engaging and inspire audience members to give the performer a warm welcome.

At the end of the performance, the host will solicit more applause from the audience to help make the performer feel good about what they have just done and inspire them to return to the stage at another show. The host will usually listen closely to the performance so that they can make comments about it at the end and help pave the way for the next performer.

In generally, the host is responsible for the mood of the show and making sure that the atmosphere is light and friendly. They work hard to keep the energy levels high and make sure that the audience is having fun throughout the show.

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