Performing Arts: Where BA in Performing Arts Will Take You

Have you been dreaming of hitting the bi stage once you are through with your performing arts degree? Well, the many skills you have gained throughout your study haven’t just prepared you for acting out roles in music, film or theater; there are many other careers where you can apply what you studied, especially if you are in a position to apply your creative talent to the real word aspects of arts management and self-promotion.

Here are some of the popular performing arts jobs you can pursue:


actingAn actor communicates the role they are playing to their target audience through conversation, actions, expressions and body language. Basically, they bring the work of a writer to life with the help of a director. The roles vary and the common media include television, film, radio and theater.

However, acting is one of the most volatile careers as it is very competitive and at times, presents a lot of challenges in terms of finding work. However, if you have a real passion and talent for acting, try out advertised roles and see where it takes you.

Music theater performance

Individuals in this career are seen as having the tri-factor – acting, dancing and singing prowess. Though a very demanding career with virtually a show for every day of the week, it is very rewarding for those who have a real talent and discipline for it. You can gain a lot of experience with your bachelors in performing arts. The important thing is to gain as much experience as possible before hitting the industry.

Arts administration

This career involves organizing arts events and services and ensuring that they are a success. If you choose this line as a profession, you can work in the theaters, art exhibitions and even museums. If you are passionate about arts and are also great at organizing, then this is the career for you.