Performing Arts: How to Take Center Stage

amphitheatersSince the time of the creation of amphitheaters, in Ancient Greece, performing arts such as acting and theatre as a form of expression of the soul have been growingly steadily. The most common form of theatre in Ancient Greece and other civilisations that flourished around the same time was a dramatic genre known as tragedy or “Greek tragedy.” Even in that era the career of an actor was a prominent and well respected one, given that their main job was to entertain the high classes, the clergy and royalty.

It is worth noting that only men were allowed to perform on stage, and a theatre was no place for a woman. Typically, the female characters were also played by men. Around this time, however, new types or genres of performing arts or dramatic expression emerged; namely, the tragicomedy and the satire, known also as the “Greek satire”. Around this time, also, theatre became popular also among the working class and even uneducated people began attending plays. Given its rise in popularity among the thick of the population, satires began focusing their scripts on aspects of comedy, in which mainly members of the royal family and the ruling class were ridiculed. This was a very popular phenomenon that appealed to the “masses” and became known as political satire.

If you are into acting and dramatic arts in general, there are a number of tips that can help make your performance more salient and thus be perceived as a protagonist, like standing in the right spot, using the right tone of voice, and so on. However, you should never deviate from the script and it is never a good idea to take your own initiative, ignore the director’s instructions and overshadow your teammates, meaning the other members of the cast.