Keep it Classy: Avoid Gimmicky Works in Performance Art

Performing artists are creators that use physical movement in a variety ways to build new, beautiful and extravagant works in order to create a sense of effect for all those who see it. The biggest problem that artists have is defining between what is “good” works and what is “bad” works.

In modern society, there is no definitive method for grading such creative works, and artists are often creating the definition for themselves. Unfortunately, there is always some degree of external constructs to creative work. In regards to performing arts, the line between what is classy and what is cheesy is blurred but needs to be considered from the beginning to the very end of every creative process.

Gimmicks can be described as a performance with the intention of grabbing people’s attention, to raise awareness or gain publicity and popularity. There is a fine line between positive performances and negative gimmicks, with each of the aftermaths extremely divided. When a performance is successful, it means that the attention of the audience has been brought to wherever the artist intended. If the onlooker is not intrigued with awe, the emotions can cause anxiety and the performance may come across as redundant. The objectives of the artist are not being met and the onlookers could start giving the performance negative attention. Agitation sets in, and the artist will have to work very hard to earn back the respect and affection from the onlookers.

Don’t get caught being called the gimmicky artist who overdoes something to the point where the effect has been lost or transitioned to confusion or agitation. Ensure the audience is captivated and their confusion is based in awe.

gimmickyIf your performance comes across as gimmicky, there may be other methods to communicate your motives in supporting ways to the overall presentation. There is no middle ground with performance art, it is either understood or it isn’t and it is the job of the artist to manipulate the presentation to ensure a classy performance.