How to Be the Perfect Audience Member

how-to-be-the-perfect-audience-memberDuring an open mic performance many different people take to the stage in order to present their unique song, poetry, comedy or other art forms. Most performers spend a long time practicing to make sure that their performance goes just right. However, they are often quite nervous when they take to the stage, even if they have performed many times before.

As an audience member it is important to give performers plenty of attention to help them to focus. If there is too much background noise it can be very distracting for the performers and it can also be difficult for them to make their voices heard above a room full of people who are talking and laughing.

Therefore, it is best to try and avoid talking as much as possible when people are performing. Giving them your full attention is the best way to show them that you are enjoying the performance and it is also respectful.

Also try to avoid moving around the room as much as possible during an open mic show. This can also be very distracting for performers as well as the other audience members. Breaks will be provided at regular intervals during the show and this is the best time to get another drink, go to the bathroom and talk to other audience members.

Although some performers welcome interaction from the audience, heckling and randomly shouting out things is a definite taboo. If you have something to share that you believe other people would like to hear, then you can always sign up to be a performer and use your own five minutes to share a story, a few jokes or something else. when someone takes to the stage it is their time to shine and other people should relax and listen to them until the performance is over.

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