Dos and Don’ts for Performers

dos-and-donts-for-performersAs anyone who has ever performed in an open mic show will tell you, there is a trick to achieving the perfect performance. The songs, poetry or comedy that you prepare is only the first step to success and in fact the way that you present yourself on stage is just as important. Here are some things to think about before you perform.

What to Do

  • Make sure that you are prepared for any eventuality.
  • Be able to go with the flow and adapt your performance slightly if things are not going as you expect.
  • Make eye contact with individual members of the audience and engage them so that they will be on your side and cheering for you to do well.
  • No matter what happens, keep going and smile. If the audience sees that you are having fun they are much more likely to enjoy themselves as well.
  • Time your performance to make sure that it fits into the amount of time that you have been given for your performance and avoid going on too long unless you have been invited too.
  • Be dramatic with your body gestures and movements rather than standing perfectly still and looking uncomfortable.
  • Always be polite to the host, as they will be introducing you before you go onto the stage.

Things to Avoid

  • Getting embarrassed of flustered if you forget what to say or if you break a string on your guitar.
  • Avoid getting into a dialogue with hecklers unless you are a seasoned performer, as this will detract from your overall performance.
  • Don’t stand on stage too long after your performance has come to an end. There will be other people waiting to perform after you.
  • Make sure that your introduction or explanation is not too long, it is better to simply get on with the performance.

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