Coffee House Culture: New Arena for Performing Arts

The culture around performing arts has expanded in modern times outside of the theatre space and into entirely new venues, one in particular being coffee houses. The social community within these outlets has grown significantly, expanding to serve artists in new ways.

coffee-housesCoffee houses receive a lot of foot traffic in a quiet atmosphere, while providing access to local products and talent. In the past, performing arts have been limited to the theatre but recently people have embraced the innovative ways in which artists are taking performing arts off the stage and into their cities local venues.

Spoken word like public speaking, poetry and book publicity events are all being held at local coffee shops all around the world. Similar to a hub, these places are providing artists with the perfect atmosphere for audiences to witness different types of entertainment. Coffee houses have developed an entirely new culture alongside the popularity of minimalist and economical lifestyles. Artists are taking advantage of the emphasis on handmade, local and artistic partnerships with the collectivist lifestyles on the rise.

Social hubs such as these provide internet access and a lounge space with all the comforts of home, therefore people are flocking to coffee houses and artists are taking advantage of the new partnership opportunities. The agreement is often mutually beneficial for owners and artists alike. The demographic that supports art is the same population that created the coffee house culture making it one of the best avenues for inexpensive publicity and exposure.

Open mic nights have always had a presence in these smaller hubs but in recent years there has been an increase in dramatic sketches, comedic sets, spoken word and other styles of performance art. Coffee shop venues represent the newest forms of publicity and support for local artists by providing high foot traffic in a quiet, comfortable atmosphere. Getting out and finding a coffee shop to partner with is the best decision for any artist.